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With my busy lifestyle, I’m always looking for versatile, convenient household cleaning products that get the job done quickly. My priority is creating the opportunity to spend more time with my family in between visits from our trusted housekeeping company. However, since I’ve started my clean living journey, I’ve learned to be more mindful about the products I choose to clean my home. Here’s what I’ve learned about keeping my household safer and healthier with sustainable cleaners. 

The Hidden Dangers of Standard Cleaning Products

Most of us equate a clean home with a healthy lifestyle, but have you taken time to examine the ingredients in your typical household cleaners and research their potential negative impact on your health. I understand that this task can be overwhelming and time consuming. It still feels very daunting to me. 

Here are some reasons to take a closer look at replacing your standard cleaning products with eco-friendly alternatives. 

  • Volatile organic chemicals: Many well-known cleaning chemicals harm our environment. Some can enter the water supply and kill marine life, while others have proven to cause reproductive health issues in humans and other animals. Breathing in the vapors from these chemicals can cause various adverse health effects, including eye and throat irritation, headaches, loss of coordination, nausea and organ damage. If any member of your family has respiratory issues like allergies or asthma, they’ll thank you for switching to all-natural cleaning products. 
  • Cost-efficient: Many people hesitate to buy organic cleaning supplies because they worry it will cost more. Luckily, this is not true. Non-toxic cleaning products often turn out to be less expensive than their chemical counterparts because you’ll use less to achieve the same sparkling shine. 
  • Better for our environment: You can show your respect for Mother Nature by switching to healthier cleaning products, which often come in sustainable, recyclable packaging and are cruelty-free. 
  • Healthier skin: Natural cleaners typically do not contain bleach, dyes, perfumes or synthetic ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin.

My Favorite Green Cleaners

Are you ready to make your home healthier than ever? Here are two product lines I love. 

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is on a mission to transform our world into a healthy, sustainable and equitable place for the next seven generations. I love that this company makes products with renewable plant-based ingredients, while taking steps to reduce plastic waste and developing a complete line of toxin-free products. 

I feel confident about using Seventh Generation because they’ve committed to — and followed through on — so many positive promises, from using biodegradable ingredients to innovating plastic-free packaging.

Branch Basics

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Replace dozens of harsh cleaners with one toxin-free, multipurpose concentrate that can tackle any project, from laundry to dishes and everything in between. The refillable bottles are excellent for the environment and can help you save money in the long run. 

When diluted with water, Branch Basics’ eco-friendly solution can clean your home from top to bottom. 

  • Countertops
  • Dishes
  • Toilets, sinks and showers
  • Tile and grout
  • Windows and mirrors
  • Laundry
  • Pets

Wool Dryer Balls

Did you know that dryer sheets contain chemicals like
❌benzyl acetate
❌benzyl alcohol ethanol

Chemicals like these have been linked to cancers, respiratory issues, + neurological disorders. The chemicals in dryer sheets get released into the air when they are heated up in the dryer and can pose a respiratory health risk to those both inside and outside the home.

Once I was privy to this information, I began researching alternative options for fabric softener dryer sheets. I found that wool dryer balls with a few drops of your favorite essential oil (I like using Lavender) will keep the static away and leave your clothes smelling fresh. Order your very own Branch Basics Wool Dryer Balls.

Changing What’s in Your Cabinets

One of my favorite things about switching to a “green clean” is how easy and fun it’s been to use them as a family! I’m teaching my kids to take good care of their bodies and minds, so they can take healthy habits into adulthood with them. 

If you use any non-toxic cleaning products in your house, please reach out and share them with me. 

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