Clean Beauty Journey

My clean beauty journey started in 2012 when I learned I would be a mom.  I became highly committed to creating the best environment for my daughter, even inside the womb, focusing on eating the best foods – choosing organic and non-GMOs whenever possible versus conventional.

This shift ignited a growing curiosity, so I read labels more and researched ingredients. My most significant resource for this information was Food Babe, the original clean-eating queen calling out toxic ingredients on food labels. Her blog exposed me to harmful ingredients considered neurotoxins, additives, and hormone disruptors. She was the first to introduce me to ingredients like high fructose syrup that are unhealthy for us.

My obsessiveness with reading food labels started some interesting conversations with my family and friends. One day, my sister and I disagreed about personal care products. During this time, I was oblivious to the dangerous ingredients in the products I was using on my skin.

My sister insisted I use a paraben-free body wash because it was safer for my pregnant body. I still remember thinking she was nuts! I guess the joke was on me. LOL! I was so focused on what I was putting in my body that I never actually thought about what I was putting on my body.

Clean living with my daughter, Crislyn, opened my eyes to learning more about ingredients on food labels. But, it was only the beginning of my journey. It was not until I was three months postpartum with my son, Christopher, that I found my next step.

At first, I had a tough time believing in “clean beauty.” How can clean beauty be a thing? I thought, isn’t all beauty clean beauty? But I attended my first Beautycounter Pop-up and discovered the ugly truth about the beauty industry.

Disappointingly, most beauty brands formulate countless products with questionable and harmful chemicals. I was also shocked to learn that our skin is the largest organ of our body.

Here I was, worrying about the organs inside but not caring for the main one on the outside. 

This lightbulb moment made me question everything I thought was important. I have always valued my skin and have invested in its care, but I was guilty of associating the cost of skin care products with quality without considering the ingredients.

Every six months, I typically invested $600-$900 on skincare products. These products contained hormone-disrupting ingredients that I lathered onto my skin while they unknowingly soaked into my bloodstream.

UGH! Maybe this is my trauma talking, but the betrayal is real. I get furious every time I think about it!

It was an easy transition for me to switch to Beautycounter products because I was actually coming out on top overall. The products performed well, and they were a lot more affordable for me. It was a no-brainer to spend less money on products that were 100% better for my body and worked just as great as the other toxic products I was using. What made it even easier was the way my skin felt and looked! Can someone say…WINNING!

Saving money and positively impacting my health was the best decision ever made. From there, I had to share this amazing brand with the world! I gained this burning passion to share Beautycounter with others, so they can also experience the wonderful products that had enhanced my skin like never before.

Being a part of this clean beauty revolution has added so much to my life, and I know that there are other people out there that want or need this to enhance their life, too. I’m not one to keep good things to myself. If I have experienced something life-changing, I want others to have it too!

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