Safe Swimming for Everyone

On a sweltering summer day, nothing is more refreshing than taking a swim. Still, water safety is paramount to ensure your day at the pool, lake or beach remains picture-perfect. 

Even if your children are strong swimmers, accidents can happen. That’s why experts recommend choosing swimsuits based on the easiest colors to spot underwater. 

The Benefits of Swimsuit Visibility

Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death in children. Even people who survive drowning can still have permanent brain damage and other disabilities as a result. It only takes seconds for a swimmer in distress to become submerged. 

Before you and your family make a splash at your favorite swimming spot, it’s crucial to be aware of the pros and cons of specific swimwear colors. 

Alive Solutions, an aquatic safety specialist, tested the visibility of various swimsuit colors in pool and open water environments. They found that vibrant colors such as neon pink, yellow and orange are the easiest to spot when children play in and around water. They advise against blue, white, gray and black, which can easily blend with water or shadows.

My family loves wearing these bright swimsuits from Infamous Swim! This woman-owned company is passionate about making comfortable swimwear in bold patterns and prints for everybody. With their collection, you can find matching swimsuits and accessories for your whole family: all Women’s pieces are available in sizes XS-3XL, a standard Men’s fit in sizes 30-40, and Kids sizes ranging from 0-12 with some in size 14.

Water Safety Tips for Your Family

Now that you know how bright, contrasting swimsuit colors can significantly improve water safety, here’s some more advice you can use to enjoy your aquatic activities this summer!

  • Swimming lessons can teach kids to be comfortable and confident in the water, including how to enter and exit the water safely. When the #CoolHopeKids were babies, we used ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) to introduce them to water safety and survival.
  • Nobody should swim alone, especially younger children. A responsible adult should always keep an eye on the activity. Remember to grab a Coast-Guard approved life vest if necessary.
  • Practice sun health with high-SPF sunscreen. Always reapply after swimming. Remember, the effects of sun damage are cumulative, so teaching your little ones good skin care habits today can benefit them later in life.  

Enjoy Your Safer Summer Fun

Swimming is a healthy activity that can create priceless family memories. No matter where you plan to swim this summer, remember the tips in this post to maximize your fun while minimizing hazards. Have a blast swimming this summer!

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