The Impact of Perfume

Clean perfume is a new beauty industry trend that has quickly gained momentum and shows no signs of stopping!

Unlike traditional fragrances, which often contain harmful chemicals, clean perfume consists of all-natural ingredients like essential oils and botanical extracts. Here’s what I’ve learned since I made clean perfume part of my wellness and beauty journey.

What Makes a Perfume Clean?

In recent years, consumers have become more health-conscious. People are now aware that the foods they eat and products they put on and in their bodies can cause various adverse effects, from allergies to weight gain. Inspired by these concerns, many of us have turned to non-toxic options for looking and feeling our best.

Having a signature fragrance is one of the best ways to make a statement. After all, scent is one of the most powerful memory triggers. Still, traditional perfumes often derive from non-renewable resources that can harm our environment and cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. 

Clean perfumes consist of high-quality, natural, renewable ingredients like plant resins and tinctures, many of which have aromatherapy benefits such as stress reduction and mental focus. You can also find clean perfume brands that use sustainable and ethical practices, including biodegradable packaging.

When choosing a clean perfume, you should know some products may have a gentler or subtler scent than you’re used to. However, the ingredient quality and purity can make up for this by providing a healthier, more sustainable fragrance experience. 

Clean Fragrances I Love

If you are ready to try clean, organic, low-tox perfumes, I recommend these brands.

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Ambre Blends

My go-to Ambre Blends scent is the Ahnu Essence.

I started exploring cleaner perfumes with the Ambre Blends product line, which also includes handmade items like hand sanitizer, body cream, skin tonics, lip balm, spritzers and natural deodorant. Ambre Blends is a woman-owned company that uses 100% vegan ingredients. 

My favorite thing about Ambre Blends is that each scent is different for everyone, based on your unique body chemistry. Once activated by your body heat, the essences produce a long-lasting, individual fragrance that is unique to you.

Henry Rose

If you’re looking for an upgraded experience that reminds you of the quality you would get from a department store spray-on, Henry Rose is a fine fragrance line that is cruelty-free, dermatologist-tested and contains no dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde, phthalates or parabens. 

Founded by Michelle Pfeiffer, this product line boasts 100% ingredient transparency and follows the industry’s most rigorous health, safety and sustainability verifications. To introduce yourself to this brand, you can buy sample sets before investing in a full-sized bottle. 


The PHLUR brand offers fragrances, scented candles and personal care products like lotion and body wash. These unisex products are vegan and cruelty-free, with responsibly sourced ingredients.

PHLUR partners with the world’s leading fragrance suppliers to ensure they continue using sustainable natural materials that respect our environment.


DIME is a beauty and wellness company committed to providing clean, safe alternatives to traditional products, with no toxic ingredients or common irritants. Before committing to a new signature scent, you can order the sample set as well.

The DIME Clean™ Promise means you can use DIME perfumes worry-free. For a 20% discount on your order, use the code LINDAHOPE20.

Join Me on My Wellness Exploration

Clean perfume’s popularity has increased the availability of product options, so you can enjoy the benefits of sustainability and green beauty without sacrificing performance or quality. Whether you’re looking for a new trademark fragrance or are ready to make a positive change for your health and the environment, clean perfume is an easy choice. 

Have you switched to a non-toxic scent? Let me know what you think!

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