Switching to Menstrual Cups

Having a period can be challenging, but as women, we still encounter stigma and shame around discussing our menstrual cycles and the difficulties they can bring. While the physical discomfort and emotional sensitivity are unpleasant enough, hygiene products like tampons and pads can be inconvenient, especially when unexpected leaks occur or you forget to bring supplies with you when you’re away from home. Menstrual cups – specifically, the Saalt soft cup – have been a game-changer for me.

Why I Love Menstrual Cups

I started exploring menstrual cups about six months ago, and it’s been a revelation. I was hesitant to start because the cup initially looks intimidating. Fortunately, the Period Nirvana YouTube channel has been an essential companion in shortening the learning curve. I’ve used channel creator Kim Rosas’ advice to figure out the difference between cups and discs and which works better for my body, how to insert and remove a menstrual cup and how to sanitize reusable period products.

At first, I was worried the cup would be messy or uncomfortable, but once I got used to it, I’ve never looked back. My only regret is that I wish I had taken my cousin’s advice when she told me about menstrual cups a decade ago! 

One of the most significant benefits I have experienced after switching from pads and tampons to a cup is that I can barely even tell I’m on my period. Seriously – I have no cramps, and my bleed week has reduced from seven days to four days. Once I insert a cup correctly, I can go 10 to 12 hours before I have to clean up, which is extremely convenient. It’s much more hygienic than any other product I have ever used. I was skeptical, but now I am a fan.

Benefits of Menstrual Cups

You can experience the following advantages by switching to a menstrual cup or disc.

  1. Eco-friendly: Menstrual cups and discs are reusable and durable, reducing the waste associated with using disposable pads and tampons. They are a far more sustainable option for protecting our environment.
  2. Cost-effective: While the upfront cost of a cup or disc may be higher than a box of pads or tampons, the long-term savings add up quickly. A menstrual cup can last up to a decade with proper care, saving you money in the long run.
  3. Comfort and convenience: Menstrual cups and discs are soft, flexible and much more comfortable to wear than pads or tampons. They also collect flow instead of absorbing it, reducing the risk of dryness and irritation.
  4. Longer wear time: Depending on your flow, you can wear your cup for up to 12 hours before emptying and cleaning it. Fewer changes throughout the day equals more convenience and freedom.
  5. Less risk of toxic shock syndrome: Menstrual cups are safer and healthier than tampons, as they do not disrupt your natural pH balance or create a breeding ground for bacteria.
  6. Increased body awareness: Correctly using a menstrual cup requires you to learn about your anatomy and become more conscious of your menstrual cycle, leading to a deeper understanding and connection with your body.

Are you thinking of switching from bulky, uncomfortable pads and tampons to a menstrual cup or disc? Take the quiz to learn which is better for your body and flow, or start a conversation in the comments!

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