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Transform Your Sleep Hygiene for Improved Wellness

Sleep is vital for lifelong wellness. You can improve your mood, relationships, brain function and decision-making skills by getting seven to nine hours of restful sleep every night. Unfortunately, many American adults are chronically sleep-deprived, leading to potential health issues like cardiovascular disease, impaired cognitive function, a weakened immune system, weight gain and mental illness. 

If you lack a consistent sleep routine, you may feel like you stumble through most days on autopilot. Here’s what you should know about protecting your well-being through improved sleep hygiene. 

1. Consistency Is Key 

By going to bed at the same time every night – even on weekends and holidays – you train your body to recognize when it’s time to wind down and rest. Consistent sleep patterns benefit your physical and mental health by allowing your body to repair and regenerate itself and your brain to process long-term memories.

Adopting a consistent sleep routine helps synchronize your body’s internal clock, making it easier to fall asleep and wake up at the desired times. Set a nightly bedtime that is early enough for you to get at least seven hours of sleep. 

If you struggle with insomnia, create a relaxing pre-sleep routine to signal to your body that it’s time to unwind. Avoid stimulating activities like exercise, and keep your bedroom cool, dark and quiet. Since screen use emits harmful blue light, do not use your phone before bed or apply a red light filter. Don’t eat anything at least an hour before going to sleep – this habit allows your body to rest without expending excess energy on digesting.

2. Increase Your Energy and Productivity 

Healthy sleeping habits ensure you greet each day feeling refreshed, alert and energized. You will be more productive and able to focus, letting you be fully present for any challenge you might encounter.

3. Reduce Stress

High-quality sleep regulates stress hormones, allowing your body and mind to recover from daily anxiety. Sufficient sleep can also improve your ability to maintain your emotional well-being.

Your Secret to Sweet Dreams

Prioritizing a consistent sleep routine can profoundly impact your quality of life. Here are the products I use to improve my sleep hygiene and turn my bedroom into a sanctuary.

  • Oura Ring: Oura tracks your sleep, heart rate, activity level and overnight blood pressure. I love waking up and accessing an analysis of my sleep patterns. I keep mine on airplane mode to eliminate EMF exposure.
  • Muse: Muse is a smart headband that uses advanced EEG technology. Sensors within the headband provide real-time data on your brain and body signals. During meditation, it senses when your mind is distracted and provides gentle cues that help you direct your focus back to your breath. The companion app gives you feedback on your heart rate, breathing patterns, body movements and brain activity.
  • Four Sigmatic: This company uses functional mushrooms and adaptogens to create coffees, supplements and elixirs. I drink their restorative Calm Organic Elixir about an hour before bedtime for deep, restorative sleep. 
  • Slip pillowcase: Slip is a family-owned brand based in Australia. Their pillowcases have clinically shown to improve skin hydration, texture, smoothness and brightness, while minimizing fine lines and tangled hair.
  • Loop earplugs: Light sleepers rejoice! Loop’s Quiet earplugs filter out the small noises that can wake you up, and their comfortable design stays in place all night.
  • Thistle Farms lavender products: I’m proud to support Thistle Farms, a Nashville nonprofit that supports women survivors of prostitution, addiction and exploitation. Their lavender essential oil and Bulgarian lavender candle are all-natural, clean products that set the stage for soothing sleep. 
  • Andalou lavender products: I also love Andalou’s lavender and thyme body wash and lotion.
  • Snake plants: Did you know indoor air can have more pollutants and toxic chemicals than outdoor air? Snake plants are easy to take care of, brighten up any space with greenery and naturally clean the air.
  • Birch Luxe Natural Mattress: Birch makes high-quality organic mattresses with eco-friendly materials. Their mattresses support any sleeping position to keep you comfortable all night long.
  • Cozy Earth bamboo sheets and pajamas: I’ve slept hot since having my two kids. Cozy Earth’s projects keep me cool and dry, and they are also incredibly soft and luxurious, like sleeping on a cloud.
  • Medify Air Purifier: This company’s True HEPA filters capture 99.9% of particles from smoke, pollen, dust and other allergens. 

Do you swear by any surefire insomnia remedies? What products do you use to create a healthier sleep routine? Share your wisdom in the comments!

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