Stress-Free Meal Planning With Hungryroot 

We’ve all seen TV commercials and online ads for meal kits that promise convenient nutrition, but I honestly wasn’t sure they’d live up to the hype. I assumed there was a lot of prep work involved and that I’d end up wasting money on foods I didn’t enjoy. Then I found Hungryroot, an all-in-one recipe and grocery subscription service that’s been great for healthy menu planning. I’ve been a subscriber for the past month, and I’m obsessed. My husband and I use it for our lunches, and most dishes take less than a half-hour to make. 

Chef-Crafted Recipes Made to Fit Your Needs

Hungryroot focuses on balance and nutrition, helping you maintain a healthier diet and reduce food waste by providing portion-controlled ingredients, fresh produce and well-rounded meals. The organic, natural, clean ingredients come prepped, making everything incredibly convenient. When you sign up, you get a box delivered to your home every week with everything you need to whip up delicious foods in your kitchen, allowing you to explore new dishes and expand your culinary horizons.

I’ve loved every meal we’ve made so far except one. The good news is, if you happen to get something you don’t like, you can give it a thumbs-down rating, and you’ll never get that in your kit again. You can also switch out items in your cart if something doesn’t appeal to you. 

Save Time, Money and Energy

With Hungryroot, meal planning has become fun and easy instead of feeling like a chore. My husband and I use it as a midday “date” and cook together. Preparing and enjoying these meal kits has become an interactive experience, fostering quality time and bonding over a shared love of food.

Even if you aren’t an experienced chef, your food will turn out perfectly if you follow the provided step-by-step recipes, helping you develop your skills and confidence in the kitchen. Most Hungryroot meals only use one pot, so cleanup is a breeze, too. 

These meal kits are also super accommodating for people with dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, etc.), taking all the guesswork and hassle out of grocery shopping, food prep and reading nutrition labels. 

Hungryroot has introduced us to a wide range of ingredients, flavors and cuisines, including many new favorites we probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise. For example, they sent me the BEST-tasting gluten-free chocolate cookies I’ve ever tried! I made them over Thanksgiving break and they were surprisingly delicious. All the ingredients are healthy and clean, and there are three grams of protein per cookie thanks to chickpeas and almonds, two of the main ingredients. These are seriously my new go-to when my family and I crave a sweet treat! 

For those who need support around trying to shed a few pounds, meal kits can even help you manage portion sizes, making it easier to control calorie intake.

Have you tried Hungryroot or another meal delivery service? What are your favorite things about it? Let us know in the comments!

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